S3 are a lively Key Stage 3/4 class. We work really closely with our friends in S4. We follow a creative, sensory based curriculum with a focus on developing communication, social interaction, relationships and building a community where we all join in together and have fun. We have enjoyed starting our Drum Circle, Holistic Music, Swimming and Yoga so far. We are doing our ‘Inside Out’ topic and are loving spending time with old friends and getting to know new.

J7 have welcomed two new pupils in our class this year. We have enjoyed getting to know eachother and starting our topic of All About Me. We have started Attention Autism, Tac Pac, and music. On Friday we went to Ludo Time in Carrick and had a great morning and enjoyed some crisps and biscuits for our Friday treat.

S2 have been happy to return to school after their summer break. It’s a sociable all boy class that like to have fun when they work. This term we have been enjoying sports, starting with swimming.

S2 are trying new topics within senior clubs in Art, Cookery, Music and PE; this also gives them the opportunity to mix with pupils from other classes. As well as following the Northern Ireland Curriculum S2 are also studying ASDAN New Horizons. The pupils enjoy going out on trips as well as working in school, helping them to develop their life skills as they move through senior school.

Welcome to our class, J11. We like to explore our curriculum in a range of different ways to make our learning lots of fun. We use all our senses to help us understand about the world around us and the topics we are learning about in school. We enjoy using the sensory rooms around school and love to relax with foot spas and reflexology. We do lots of hard work too but we do it in the messiest, most fun way possible!

Welcome to class S6. In S6 we are learning lots of practical skills as well as continuing with our curriculum work. The students are working towards ASDAN Transition Challenge certificate in a range of subjects. The class are also completing ASDAN courses in Meal Preparation and Cooking and on Sound, Music and Rhythm. The class are enjoying getting to know each other and they are all very helpful in class and around school. The young people make their own lunch every other Friday in school, they choose what they would like to cook, find a recipe and then write their own shopping lists.

In J13, we have three girls and five boys. This year we welcomed three new pupils to the school in our class. Everyone has settled in well. We have been getting to know each other as well as learning our new routine. J13 have already celebrated three birthdays this month and look forward to more parties as the year progresses.

Greetings from T1, this year we have 11 pupils and 3 staff. In T1 we focus on teaching independence skills, social speaking, appropriate interaction and money work. We also work on practical numeracy and literacy. T1 have lots of jobs to do every week which include the whole school weekly fruit delivery, litter picking, gardening, class maintenance, the list goes on! The young people will also have the opportunity to take part in work experience both inside and outside of school. Friday is payday for all their hard work. This enables our pupils to budget and control an independent bank account within class. In T1 we see the world as our class room, this enables us to teach our pupils how to transfer their skills practically into the local community. Our motto is "work hard play hard!"

J14 is made up of pupils within the Key Stage 2 age group. We are the final class within Junior school and therefore we have a focus on the transition between Junior school and Senior school. We enjoy a wide range of activities throughout the week from a structured, yet fun approach to literacy and numeracy, to a very practical and hands-on approach to many other subject areas including cookery, PE, science, and Art. We have a focus on the development of social skills, communication and listening skills and our self-help skills to help prepare us better for our future years within Hill Croft and beyond. We also really enjoy some group activities joining up with other classes for circle time, choir and other activities throughout the week. We also fully utilise different areas within school such as soft play areas, sensory areas and the playtrail and are always enthusiastic about developing our life skills and learning more about the world around us on class outings. We use a range of strategies within our classroom to help support communication and positive behaviour including Makaton, PECS, visual strategies, Team Teach, alongside our class contract and reward system. Our aim this year is to continue to develop in all areas of life and the curriculum, through academic, social, practical and creative learning.

This year T2 comprises of 11 lively and eager to work young people. Our class focus is to prepare the students for life after school. The T2 programme is a very practical one with an emphasis on developing independent, social, coping and life skills. We do this through a mixture of activities including using the local facilities, healthy eating cookery, and grocery shopping. This year we are attending BMC Millfield where we will be learning how to access the local facilities in our community. The young people will also have the opportunity to take part in work experience both inside and outside of school. This year, a small group of pupils will be going to AEL in Larne on a Monday to get work experience, and will take part in the NOW project on Tuesdays where they will work on social interaction, communication and team building. On top of this we will spend time doing recreational activities such as bowling, swimming and going out for nature walks. We have a very busy and fun filled year in store and cannot wait to get stuck in!

S5 is a busy sociable class made up of key stage 3 and 4 pupils. We like to make learning fun and focus on the development of independent life skills and social skills. This year we are beginning the ASDAN Transition Challenge module. We enjoy taking part in our senior clubs which allow us to mix with other classes for subjects like Maths, Literacy, Cookery, Art and Music. From time to time we enjoy getting out for breakfast clubs, shopping trips to practice our money handling skills and special treats. One of our favourite things to do is develop our mini enterprises to raise money for class funds and charity.