S1 is a Key Stage 3 class with 3 boys and 4 girls. In our class we are working hard on our independence, practical literacy and numeracy skills. We do lots of practical activities in school and out in our local community. We visit local cafes and shop to develop our practical numeracy and literacy skills. In school we take part in Eco School projects and gardening. Within Senior School we enjoy specialised teaching in a variety of subjects including Home Economics, Art, Music and PE. Social and Communication skills play a key part in our class work and we join up with other classes for these sessions. We enjoy going to the sensory room, Take Ten and Primary Movement to help us relax. S1 is a very hard working class with lots happening.

J9 are a mixed class of boys and girls who enjoy exploring the curriculum together using our senses. We have four members of staff with us during the school day.

Every morning we take part in sensory activities to start our day. This includes Sensory Circuits which stimulate our sensory system whilst helping develop our muscle tone and balance. We enjoy messy play including pasta, rice, foam and of course water. As part of our sensory diet we make full use of the outside play area and our sensory rooms i.e. lights room, sensory lounge and soft play area.

Our weekly class timetable includes activities like Art, Tac Pac, Movement, Sensory Stories, Cookery and Attention Autism. A highlight of our day is circle time when we learn about the world around us and each other.

All in J9 are looking forward to a year packed with fun and learning.

Welcome to J8, where there is a lot of fun to be had. We start each morning with play based learning through our topic ‘all about me’. We are working hard to improve our social skills at circle time and break time. We enjoy a range of activities and learning environments including Soft Play, Art, Physical Education, Lights, Outdoor Education and cookery. We also enjoy learning during our educational outings within the local community.

An exciting year ahead for J8

J6 is class made up of primary two and primary three pupils. We have eight pupils in J6, five boys and three girls. We begin each morning with a play based approach to learning in all areas of the Northern Ireland Curriculum. We have lots of energy in J6 and like to be very active so throughout the day we make use of the different environments in school including outdoors, soft play, sensory and lights rooms. We are working hard on developing our social and communication skills such as listening, taking turns, sharing and making requests. We enjoy educational outings within the local area where we can use these skills in an environment outside of school. Most of all we have lots of fun!

Welcome to J5! We are a class containing all boys with a great sense of curiosity and mischief. They learn best whilst involved in sensory activities and by exploring the world around them. They enjoy attention autism, sensory stories, music and any type of sensory play – the messier the better!!!!

J12 follow a very sensory curriculum aimed at stimulating the senses and encouraging our pupils to use their senses to explore the world around them. We do activities such as Tacpac, Body Awareness, sensory stories, foot spas, music and sensory art. We link all these activities to our topics and also explore each season in a sensory way. We enjoy weekly Reflexology sessions and have a lot of input from our therapy department. Some of our pupils will have blocks of Hydrotherapy and Rebound Therapy and all will take part in Sensology sessions where each of the senses will be awakened individually using resources linked to our topics. The children will also work at individual tasks and some will link with other classes for numeracy and literacy lessons. It is a very busy but happy little class.

J10 enjoy exploring the curriculum using our senses. We like to get involved in lots of movement to help develop our muscle tone and balance. Every morning we take part in Sensory Circuits to stimulate our sensory system and help develop our muscle tone and balance. All pupils like to engage in activities such as Tac Pac, Sensology and Attention Autism. We have messy days which can include play in pasta, rice, foam and various forms of gloop or simply enjoying the simplicity of water play. The class like to access the lights room, sensory lounge and soft play areas exploring the area and the resources available. Each pupils works on tasks individually and as a group with some sharing happening between other classes. We are a busy class with lots of fun and excitement happening.

J1 is made up of pupils who are within the Primary 1 year of the Foundation Stage. We enjoy a play based approach to learning throughout our school day in all areas of the NI Curriculum which is adjusted to suit our needs. We focus on developing social and communication skills such as listening, following instructions, making requests and waiting our turn, and forming good habits to promote future learning and development. Within school we love to make use of the different environments including the outdoor areas where we can explore with natural materials and use the play equipment, the sensory and lights rooms, and soft play where we can develop our balance and gross motor ability while getting rid of extra energy. We are able to take part in educational outings within the local area to put our new skills into use outside school. We use a range of strategies and programmes such as Makaton signing, PECS and visual strategies to promote communication, promoting positive behaviour and Team Teach. Most of all we like to have fun with our friends and staff, developing positive relationships in the safety of our J1 classroom.

J3 is a foundation stage class with six boys and girls. In our class we are working hard on our motor skills and communication. We use a lot of music, singing and sensory activities to help us meet our targets. We love our Attention Autism and Makaton games during group work and we try really hard with new signs. We also like Tac Pac, reflexology and going to the sensory rooms for some relaxation time. We’re a very busy class but we make sure to have lots of fun during the day too!

S3 have had a great year in developing their personal skills. This has been grown through jobs in the classroom as well as around the school. We have also travelled once a week to Applegreen where we have learnt to sit while eating, order food and clear away our tables afterwards. Then after having lunch we have gone swimming in Carrickfergus Leisure Centre each week and developed our personal care skills. Learning to dry ourselves and dress ourselves with minimal assistance. S3 have had a great year and look forward to next year in Hill Croft School!