The pupils in our Structured Learning Room (SLR) can find the bigger group situation challenging and therefore they require a room which has fewer pupils and a higher adult to pupil ratio in order to develop, foster and encourage the social, personal and academic skills. We also have an aim in our SLR class to give the pupils of the opportunity to re-integrate in to the bigger classes, where appropriate, even if just for a short period of time.

We appreciate that there are times when other pupils from around the school may need some time with fewer people around and we encourage these pupils to carry out an activity or two with us or come to relax in our soft seating area.
The pupils in SLR enjoy a wide variety of numeracy and literacy activities along with activities from the other areas of the Northern Ireland curriculum. These activities are differentiated to meet the pupil's individual needs. These activities are mainly done using 1:1 strategies but there are many times where we work together as a group.

As in all areas of the school we believe the local and wider community provides a great basis for learning and developing skills which we hope will prepare the young people for adult life and we enjoy class outings to a variety of indoor and outdoor destinations.

Sensory Base is a class which caters for children of all ages with profound and multiple learning difficulties. We follow a very sensory curriculum where the four main target areas are Communication, Motor skills, Personal and Social Education and The Senses.

The class has a lot of input from the school physiotherapists and occupational therapist and our children enjoy Rebound therapy, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and visits to the Donkey Sanctuary to mention but a few of class activities.

S2 is a lively and fun class in the lower part of the senior school. We work on a variety of topics in subject areas such as literacy, numeracy, Art, PE-including pony riding and swimming and cookery. We enjoy learning new life skills through class enterprises to raise money for local charities, weekly trips and breakfast clubs. In class we follow the accredited ASDAN New Horizons programme which is continued on in S3

Welcome to Intermediate 3

The main focus in our class is the promotion of independent life skills which we practice in a variety of settings.

We enjoy weekly shopping trips where we learn how to manage our money and buy items for our break and lunch. We make break every day in class and once a week we make our own lunch.

Each week we have jobs to do in the classroom and around school. In addition to all this we also enjoy practising our reading, writing and number skills.

All in all we are a very busy class.

S2 have recently joined the senior school.

We do lots of fun activities from pony riding and art to making our break and lunch in school. We make a lot of noise but work really hard too!

T1 is an exciting class with nine pupils and four members of staff. The aim of T1 is to promote and develop life skills that the pupils can use when they leave school. These include cooking, cleaning, shopping, money skills and much more. We also aim to promote and develop reading, writing, numeracy and time skills. This is a class where we are never sitting for long. We go on shopping trips at least once a week as well as attending college and carrying out our daily school jobs. We aim to complete 3 ASDAN modules every year and our class motto is "Work hard, play hard!"

Our priorities in J2 are to develop our communication, literacy, numeracy and self help skills. We work very hard learning our phonics, developing our writing skills and doing lots of number work. We also love doing art; cookery and playing in our play areas which are all themed round our class topics such as space and the jungle. One of our favourite lessons is P.E. is when we work with the occupational therapist to do lots of physical activities to help develop our gross motor, co-ordination and balance skills.

We love going out and about and have enjoyed going to the Donkey Sanctuary where we were working on our individual targets. We also love outside play especially when we get to go to the park for lots of physical activity.

In J2 we work hard, enjoy playing and have lots of fun while we learn!

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Welcome to the Hillcroft PTA section of our school website!

Schools like Hill Croft really do benefit from having a Parent Teachers Association (PTA) as they provide the "little extras" that would not be available to them from the Education Board. Over the years Hill Croft PTA have provided funding for Aromatherapy classes, Class outings, School Mini Bus, iPads, Music workshops, Woodhall Residential and many more too many to mention. Our largest venture was the Adventure Play Trail which was to allow the children to make the most of positive stimulation through physical play activities which support all areas of the school curriculum - the total cost of the Adventure Play Trail was £178,765.00 which was raised by many fundraising events and applications to various Funders for grants.

Although fundraising is essential to the PTA to enable us to assist the school in the many ways we do we also embark on issues which affect our childrens life's, at present we are lobbying the Government to provide better services for our children when they leave school (Post 19 Transition) as there are many loopholes which have a detrimental affect on our children when they leave school. We also highlight problems which have arisen such as securing places on the school Summer Scheme for children who require medical intervention otherwise they would not be allowed to attend, we also provided training to enable Hydrotherapy to continue and also give support to each other as it can be very daunting having a child with special needs.

As like any group we need new members, you don't need any qualifications to join you just need some spare time, lots of enthusiasm and be a parent or family member (over 18) of a child attending Hill Croft School.

Anyone interested in joining please contact the school or Adeline Esdale 07856425756.



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