J3 have worked very hard this month on their target work and we’re doing really well at our fine motor tasks with the play dough. We had lots of fun playing out in the snow and we enjoyed drinking some delicious hot chocolates afterwards to warm ourselves up.

J6 have been learning lots about Winter and loved playing outside in the snow although it was very cold! We have made snowflakes, penguins and snowmen for our winter display board. Our new topic, pirates is very exciting! We have a big pirate ship in our classroom and have enjoyed dressing up and searching for treasure. We love playing with the pirate ship in our water tray and sometimes make the pirates walk the plank! We have been reading lots of pirate stories and singing lots of pirate songs. We are really looking forward to going on a real treasure hunt around our school!

J14 have been very busy this month. We have been really enjoying our pony-riding sessions and we have all been making great progress in this area. We have also really enjoyed our sessions with Uplift dancing and singing and acting.

J14 took part in a number of different activities during our health and well-being week including watching Newsround to find out what was happening in the world around us, playing games and having break with S1 to connect with other, pony-riding for our exercise alongside PE, and giving to our friends with a wee surprise treat.

We have also been busy making lots of different things in cookery. We made different types of soup and tasted them to find out which one we preferred. We also made some chocolate Lego men and Lego bricks and we made a very cool Igloo House cake in cookery.

We have loved our topic of Lego and have enjoyed making Mr Learnie and completing other Lego challenges. As part of our film club we have been watching the Lego Movie with S1 each week and we are really excited to see what happens at the end!

We have also enjoyed some outings to get our break and have been practising using money and answering the phone to further develop our life skills. It has been a busy month!

S1 have had a busy January. We have begun a 10-week Pony Riding sessions which we are all having great fun. We also have started swimming this term as well. In class we have been working with J14 in shared circle times. It has been great making friends and sharing together.

S5 have had a busy term so far. We’ve been very sporty, enjoying athletics with Carol on a Monday, and yoga and dance on a Wednesday with S6. We’ve been learning about artist Georgia O’Keeffe in art and taking bugs eye views of flowers, which we’ve drawn in pastels, paint and in felt. We also lead a senior assembly on kindness-it was great fun! -and managed to squeeze in some chillout time for a breakfast club trip to Ashers.

This term T1 has been working hard on fitness and wellbeing. We have walked to the shops to buy the ingredients for healthy breaks and lunches. We have been learning about fitness. Paul who is a personal trainer came in to show us some exercises to keep us healthy. We have been working on recording and managing our weights and making sensible choices when out and about.

S5 have had an extremely busy few weeks. At Halloween we teamed up with s6 to have a Fryday Friday! Staff cooked an amazing fry for the classes and provided party treats. The children loved this and were well and truly fed and watered and all money is going to Tinylife charity.

We have been making some fabulous tree decorations and treats that we will be selling at the school Christmas fair and also at the Christmas performances. The children have worked so hard on these and especially enjoyed making snowman soup and reindeer poop!! The money raised from this will be split between class funds and Tinylife.

As well as all of this (I did say we were very busy!) we have decided to put together little goodie bags for all of the mummies and daddies who will spend this Christmas in the Neonatal Unit at Antrim Area Hospital. You have really overwhelmed us with your generosity and we have enjoyed making up the goodie bags that will be delivered over the next few weeks when our teacher Leeann returns there for a visit with her wee baby boy. We also managed to make a beautiful hamper for the family room and nurses thanks to the amount of stuff that was sent in.

A huge thanks to everyone who sent in items and supported us on this. The children from nursery classes to the very biggest senior classes have helped with packing and bagging as well as labelling and sorting. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

S1 have been learning about people who help us. We have a visit from the Firemen and woman from the White Watch at Glengormley Firestation. It was lovely to meet them and to hear about all the ways they help people. We also got to see inside a fire engine and get to spray some water.

J13 have had great fun learning about ponies and how to ride them. Some firemen came to visit the school and we had enormous fun dressing up in their gear.

We also said, ‘Goodbye’ to Selina and wished her all the best as she has her baby. In her place, we welcomed Nicole to J13.

We have enjoyed learning about the topic of toys. We’ve been working on the signs and matching lots of pictures, hearing stories and experiencing toys in lots of different ways. We loved using toys to paint with. You can see our teddy prints and our ball drop art. J10 are always busy being messy.