S3 have been exploring Outer Space! We have been VOYAGING TO THE MOON in drama, doing ASTRONAUT SPACE STATION EXPERIMENTS on moon rocks and star dust and we’ve been finding out who in school is up to some Alien mischief! We love BLASTING OFF on adventures together!

J13 have been looking at Winter and Outer Space this term – sun, moon and stars, earth and planets in our solar system as well as astronauts and rockets. We particularly had fun carrying out Winter activities and playing in our space station as well as engaging with/manipulating meteorite playdough and moon sand. We’ve been working on keeping active and looking after ourselves. Activities we have enjoyed are swimming lessons in the Valley and Uplift singing/dancing lessons. J13 also loved going to see Hansel and Gretel in the MAC with the rest of senior school.

J12 have been visiting the circus for our latest topic! We’ve enjoyed a sensory story where we pretend to be clowns splatting custard pies, elephants squirting water and play the circus theme using a switch. Our circus Tacpac set includes clown wigs and silky material to represent the Big Top. In art we’ve made elephants and lions using clay and decorated clown faces. We’ve also played parachute games in PE and had fun with popcorn. A fun topic for gloomy January!

J9 have really enjoyed our topic Frozen Planet. We looked at what we wear when it is cold and talked about the season winter also. In Frozen Planet we learnt the Makaton signs for Penguin, Polar Bear and Walrus. J9 really enjoyed the sensory story ‘We’re going on a Polar Bear Hunt’ and especially reacted to putting their feet into icy cold water. Our art circled around the life in the artic with igloos, penguins, walruses and polar bears. We even got to play in the snow a few days which fitted beautifully with the topic and seemed like it was almost planned!

J1 started our topic off with Polar Areas and Winter which was great fun when there was snow outside. We thought it was really exciting when it snowed, but very cold when we went out to play. We are just starting our topic ‘Under the Sea’ now. We’ve loved the pirate ship in small world and the fish filled role-play area. On one of our Educational Outings we went to see the different colours of fish at Hillside Garden Centre and watched them swimming with their friends.

J3 have worked very hard this month on their target work and we’re doing really well at our fine motor tasks with the play dough. We had lots of fun playing out in the snow and we enjoyed drinking some delicious hot chocolates afterwards to warm ourselves up.

J6 have been learning lots about Winter and loved playing outside in the snow although it was very cold! We have made snowflakes, penguins and snowmen for our winter display board. Our new topic, pirates is very exciting! We have a big pirate ship in our classroom and have enjoyed dressing up and searching for treasure. We love playing with the pirate ship in our water tray and sometimes make the pirates walk the plank! We have been reading lots of pirate stories and singing lots of pirate songs. We are really looking forward to going on a real treasure hunt around our school!

J14 have been very busy this month. We have been really enjoying our pony-riding sessions and we have all been making great progress in this area. We have also really enjoyed our sessions with Uplift dancing and singing and acting.

J14 took part in a number of different activities during our health and well-being week including watching Newsround to find out what was happening in the world around us, playing games and having break with S1 to connect with other, pony-riding for our exercise alongside PE, and giving to our friends with a wee surprise treat.

We have also been busy making lots of different things in cookery. We made different types of soup and tasted them to find out which one we preferred. We also made some chocolate Lego men and Lego bricks and we made a very cool Igloo House cake in cookery.

We have loved our topic of Lego and have enjoyed making Mr Learnie and completing other Lego challenges. As part of our film club we have been watching the Lego Movie with S1 each week and we are really excited to see what happens at the end!

We have also enjoyed some outings to get our break and have been practising using money and answering the phone to further develop our life skills. It has been a busy month!

S1 have had a busy January. We have begun a 10-week Pony Riding sessions which we are all having great fun. We also have started swimming this term as well. In class we have been working with J14 in shared circle times. It has been great making friends and sharing together.

S5 have had a busy term so far. We’ve been very sporty, enjoying athletics with Carol on a Monday, and yoga and dance on a Wednesday with S6. We’ve been learning about artist Georgia O’Keeffe in art and taking bugs eye views of flowers, which we’ve drawn in pastels, paint and in felt. We also lead a senior assembly on kindness-it was great fun! -and managed to squeeze in some chillout time for a breakfast club trip to Ashers.