S3 comprises of pupils aged 14 and 15 years. The class teachers are Mrs Hilary Lyle and Mrs Karen Robinson who job share.

All pupils follow an individual education plan which caters for their specific needs. They also participate in ASDAN Transition Challenge which is essentially a practical and interactive course.

As part of this, the pupils benefit from regular outings which enable them to use their local facilities as independently as possible, e.g. using public transport, leisure centres, libraries and shopping centres.

The pupils aim to leave S3 having completed all 5 modules of Transition Challenge over a 2 year period.

In J1 we aim to provide an attractive, safe and stimulating environment where exploration and interactive activities are encouraged. Within the Early Years children learn through play in a relaxed and friendly environment which helps to develop a positive attitude to learning.

The children follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum at the Foundation Stage and a topic-based approach is implemented, covering areas such as Communication, Mathematics and Numeracy, ICT, Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities, The Senses, Motor Skills and Personal and Social Skills.

The majority of the children's learning is provided through a range of well-planned challenging play experiences. This reflects an understanding that young children learn best through interactive, practical, multisensory, fun experiences. Each child also has Language and Literacy and Mathematics and Numeracy skills reinforced during 1:1 work.

A topic-based approach is continually developed within all areas of play which can be accessed at any time but is particularly reinforced during structured activity based learning. The children are encouraged to engage in play through exploration and use of water, sand, messy substances, imaginary areas, small world toys, play dough, construction materials and in our reading and writing areas as well as table top activities and on the computer. We cover topics such as 'Getting to know ourselves', 'Shops', 'Winter animals', 'In the garden' and other seasonal topics and festivities.

A priority within the J1 class is to encourage independence and develop basic skills for living. J1 staff work in collaboration with therapists to assess the children and agree individual education plans for each child. These are reviewed and updated on a regular basis. This year, we are also working alongside J2 class, which has the same age-range of pupils.

We love to sing and play in J1 class but particularly enjoy engaging in group work related to the Plasma screen. Great fun and interaction is also experienced in our soft play area, multi-sensory room and on the play trail.

Trips to the Donkey Sanctuary have been the highlight of all our educational outings. Each child has gained confidence riding and directing their donkey as well as enjoying and engaging in the other play activities that are on site. They have thoroughly embraced this new experience. We also like to broaden our outlook by way of educational trips that relate to our topics and learning. These outings develop our experience of the environment in which we live and how we interact within it.

J6 is a junior school class for children aged 8-10. We have lots of fun learning new things both in our classroom and on outings. We do lots of exciting things like swimming, pony riding, shopping and having our breakfast in different places. We work hard learning literacy, numeracy, ICT, play and social skills remembering to enjoy ourselves while we learn. We accept each others differences and communicate in various ways so we can all work and play happily and safely together.

In J4 we enjoy learning about literacy and numeracy through play and tasks.

We like to do whole group tasks when we work with our friends and one to one work with our teacher or a Learning Support Assistant. Some of our favourite tasks are counting how many friends we have in our class each day and sounding out the letters in our names or a particular word we are learning about in our topic. We also enjoy learning social skills by getting out and about in school and when we go on outings. We like meet different people inside and outside school. Our favourite areas are going to soft play and going to the Abbey Centre or Ikea.

S1 is the first class in the senior school. The pupils in our class are 11-12 years old. We are developing skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT. We like to be creative and we enjoy learning skills which help us to be independent. We love to communicate with our friends and we enjoy going outside to do PE.