Since Christmas we have been learning about a different colour each week. We made coloured play dough, did sensory Art and tasted lots of different coloured foods. Each week we had a coloured Interest Table and the pupils brought in a coloured item from home for us all to see ? We also looked for different colours in the environment while on class outings.

It was very sad to say goodbye to the Donkey Sanctuary as it was our last session for this year. The pupils loved their time there.
We are very proud of how the pupils in J3 have progressed in their play skills. The musical pig is a firm favourite!

As part of our ASDAN work S3 talked about the Chinese New Year. We completed various worksheets and created a display for the front hall. We visited the Harmony Chinese restaurant in Glengormley where we had a lovely lunch which was enjoyed by all

S2 have been learning a cultural dance, taught by pupils from The Girls Model School. In return, S2 are learning Makaton to the same song "Tell me ma" with the intention of teaching it to The Girls Model School pupils.

J6 have been learning about Transport this half term. We have really enjoyed this topic and have working hard learning our makaton signs. We have been on exciting trips linked with our topic; we had break at Ikea and watched the planes land and take off, we visited a farm to see a tractor and digger and we went on the train from Whiteabbey to Carrickfergus. We all took our turn to pay the conductor and had a great time.

We have been busy in class and have enjoyed lots of transport themed play.

Enjoy the photographs!

J9 have had a great term! We have enjoyed learning all about Rio and making lots of interesting Art work. We have also enjoyed structured play building houses amongst other things using our waffle blocks. We had a visit from Cancer focus where we learnt all about keeping healthy and got to meet Genevieve the Goat – it was great fun! One of the highlights of this term has been our visit from Mr Hulabaloo who came and told us Jack and the Beanstalk Story using puppets and lots of us were able to get involved too – it was brilliant!

We have been having lots of new experience this term. We have been trying lots of new food. We have been making different types of bread in cookery, having smoothie for break and we also went to a Chinese restaurant for Chinese New Year. We also have been growing onions and herds in our classroom which we have used for cookery. We made music video with the puppets we made as well. We have visited a local allotment, local café and the gardening centre. We have been enjoying our ASDAN of 'Feeling Good' by all trying a foot spa. With all the hard work we have been doing our feet needed some TLC.

J1 started this term with the new topic about the Amazon rainforest; we focused on various colours that you might see in the rainforest. We have looked at the colours; blue, green, yellow, white, orange and red. We learned about new animals such as the morpho butterfly and howler monkey which live in the Amazon through our play and circle time activities. The children really enjoyed the rhyming story 'Over in the Jungle' a rainforest rhyme and the sensory story version of 'Elmer's Weather'. The children visited Botanic Gardens in Belfast where they went on a hunt for cuddly jungle animals which had been hidden around in the conservatory amongst the huge plants. They have also enjoyed playing in our rainforest area in class.

The children have continued to work hard on their targets and have shown great improvement overall in their ability to listen to stories and join in with songs and rhymes. Their favourite song at the moment is 'The Bear Went Over the Mountain' which they acted out in class using teddy bears and cardboard boxes.

During December the S2 Snowflakes were busy creating lovely gifts to sell as part of our class enterprise to raise money for The Dog's Trust in Ballymena. On wednesday Cathy came to visit us with Minnie and Jedd so we could present her with a small gift-jumping clay dogs that we made in class-and give her our donation of £75 that we raised through our enterprise. We love having Minnie and Jedd to vivit and Cathy showed us how do a few tricks with Jedd-hide and seek, walking close and we learned the difference between the wait and stay command too. Hopefully we'll have a chance to visit them in Ballymena sometime too.

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