J1 is a foundation stage class made up with Primary 1 pupils. In our class we enjoy a play based approach to learning throughout our school day in all areas of the NI Curriculum which is adjusted to suit our needs. We focus on developing social and communication skills such as listening, following instructions, making requests and waiting our turn, and forming good habits to promote future learning and development. We are very busy throughout the school day and enjoy using our outdoor areas, the lights rooms and sensory areas to do Tac Pac and reflexology and soft play to burn off some energy. We also love Attention Autism, music, singing and sensory play activities.

We’re a very busy class but we make sure to have lots of fun during the day too.

J13 loved exploring technology at the science fair in the waterfront with J14. We also learnt about the world’s ugliest animals as well as watching science experiments.

J13 have been very busy recently! We celebrated two birthdays, celebrated Chinese New Year and been on two trips. We went bowling and we also went to the Play Zone at the valley and had so much fun! It was Literacy week in school so we have a very special visitor called Helen come to our class and ready two stories; The Lion who wanted to Love and an Itch to Scratch. Our pupils enjoyed Helen doing all the different voices for the different characters.

This term we have been working hard on our targets.

J4 have been very busy this half term working on our targets and looking at our transport topic. We have looked at all different types of transport that travel on the land, the sea and the air. During play we have been exploring sound, texture and colour with activities such as making tracks in paint and shaving foam. J4 have also been doing lots of sensory play this half term and have been doing sensory circuits with the bridge, trampoline, spots, rocker and sensory squares. The boys have enjoyed using their senses to explore the sensory activities. They have also engaged well in our role play area of a bus/train station and car garage. We are looking forward to our new farm and spring topic.

Victoria Square is celebrating it's 10th Birthday! 🎂🎉🎈 To celebrate they ran an Art Competition to create art panels which will be displayed throughout March in the centre. One of our senior pupils Alex Auld came runner up in the Special Schools category!! Well Done Alex!! 😁

Have a look at the link below if you would like to see the pieces that have been created. 


J4 have been looking at cows this week as part of our farm topic. Today we made butter. We poured cream into a tub and shook and shook until it turned into butter. We were all very excited to taste the butter on some toast.

S2 have embarked on the second year of their walking programme as part of the Asdan module ‘Health’. We have been using pedometers to track our steps, and then putting our step count into a spreadsheet on the computer. We average 7000 steps per walk!

S6 have been having an interesting January. We have been trying new things like Yoga with our friends from S5 which has been great. We are also enjoying dance on a Thursday. We have been working on our tile logos in art and exploring rhythm in music. We even investigated playing some tunes using wine glasses and played some sound recognition games on the interactive white board. We particularly enjoyed playing percussion instruments to ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen and the ‘Imperial March’ from Star Wars.