We are excited about exploring our topics through play. This term our first topics will include All about me and Autumn.

We will be creating pictures and completing craft activities, enjoying cookery and having fun in our different areas in the school.

We are looking forward to using Tac Pac in our lights room, enjoying attention autism and having a great time in our soft play area. We are a very busy bunch in Nursery, so keep an eye out for us and read about our adventures on our face book page and here on the website.

This year T3 comprises of 11 lively and eager to work young people. Our class focus is to prepare the students for life after school. The T3 programme is a very practical one with an emphasis on developing independent, social, coping and life skills. We do this through a mixture of activities including using local facilities, healthy eating cookery, and grocery shopping. This year we are attending BMC Millfield where we will be learning how to access the local facilities in our community, cookery, and ICT classes. The young people will also have the opportunity to take part in work experience both inside and outside of school. This year, a small group of pupils will be going to AEL in Larne on a Monday to sample work experience in warehousing, packing, postage, horticulture, catering in the café, and visiting the bottling plant. On top of this we will spend time doing recreational activities such as bowling, swimming and going out for nature walks. We have a very busy and fun filled year in store and cannot wait to get stuck in!

Our class team is Hilary, Gail, Michaela, Anita and June. There are 11 pupils in our class and we are always busy!

In T1 we will be learning how to make our own meals, developing our independence skills and throughout the year we will be completing two OCN modules of Kitchen Skills and Making the Most of Leisure Time. This term we are enjoying our swimming lessons at the Valley Leisure Centre.

J4 is a vibrant class of Primary 2 pupils within the Foundation Stage. We focus upon building positive relationships with both staff and our peers to aid learning through play. Through various topics we have access to the NI curriculum which is modified to meet our individual needs.

We have enjoyed exploring our new classroom, exciting timetable, and a range of learning environments such as Sensory Lounge, Soft Play, Sensory Garden, Lights and Educational Outings.

To support our development, we use a range of strategies and programmes such as Visual Strategies, PECS and Makaton to promote positive behaviour and further develop a range of fundamental skills for learning.

An exciting year ahead for J4!

S2 is the second class in the senior school, with pupils from Year 8 to Year 10. In S2 we focus on practical skills, including practical literacy and numeracy. We also focus on learning to do things for ourselves. This includes class jobs like making our own break, washing dishes and doing our class jobs. We follow the ASDAN Transition Challenge scheme which allows us to achieve a certificate for all our hard work through the year. We also enjoy going on class trips to practice our money skills. This year we are reading JK Rowling’s series Harry Potter. We have already started with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s. We are joining with S1 this year for PE and are already enjoying Kurling.

S1 is the first class in the senior school, with pupils from year7-year9. In S1 we enjoy learning about new things in class and through our subject groups on a Tuesday and Thursday. We follow the ASDAN New Horizons scheme which allows us to achieve a certificate for all our hard work through the year. We also enjoy going on class trips to practice our money skills and enjoy breakfast clubs. So far this term we have been very busy. We have enjoyed a breakfast club at Ikea, played fidget spinner maths, started our new class novel Charlotte’s Web, have weeded our flower beds for planting, are enjoying Kurling in PE with S2 and are doing an art project on Keith Haring. Later in the term we hope to start our mini enterprise, but its top secret for now!

J15 is the last class in Junior school with pupils from P6 and P7. Our focus throughout the year is to prepare each young person for their transition into senior school. This involves a focus on becoming more independent and developing our social and life skills through activities such as outings, shopping trips and links with other classes. We continue to follow the same topics and curriculum areas as our other friends in Key Stage 2 but with the focus on functional literacy and numeracy skills, alongside a drive to develop our self-esteem, resilience and self-help skills. We take part in a wide variety of subjects and activities throughout the year both within school (e.g. cookery, PE, circle time, choir etc) and out in the community including pony-riding and swimming sessions. We are really looking forward to a year filled with fun, new experiences!

J14 have a good start to the school year. We have been spending time getting know more about ourselves and each other. Our favourite activities have included singing, Tac Pac and outside play.

We have also enjoyed expressing ourselves and creating masterpieces through the medium of art and cookery.

Our first outing was to café Cosh and the Valley Park. We loved observing wildlife, collecting seasonal items but, most of all, the V36 playground. It was the ‘icing on the cake’!

This year, we hope to continue to develop our personal and social skills to a greater degree through activities such as attention autism and other group work sessions.

J13 is a junior nurture class of 7 fun loving boys and 3 enthusiastic staff. We all enjoy exploring the curriculum through activities that awaken and engage the senses. These include lessons such as Attention Autism, Tac Pac, Sensory Stories, Sensory Circuits, Music and our favourite messy activity is Sensory Play.

As part of our daily routine we enjoy exploring the sensory rooms throughout the school and our new sensory garden which celebrates our school’s 50th Anniversary.

This term we are learning through the topic ‘All About Me’ were we are looking at our emotions, our body and our families.

J13 have also enjoyed weekly trips pony riding and even ventured to Staks for sausage and toast treats alongside their friends. J13 really enjoy being together as a class, playing with each other and engaging in learning. All pupils have settled well and are looking forward to a great year together at Hill Croft School!

J10 enjoy exploring the curriculum using our senses. We like to get involved in lots of movement to help develop our muscle tone and balance. Every morning we take part in Sensory Circuits to stimulate our sensory system and help develop our muscle tone and balance. All pupils like to engage in activities such as Tac Pac, Sensology and Attention Autism. We have messy days which can include play in pasta, rice, foam and various forms of gloop or simply enjoying the simplicity of water play. The class like to access the lights room, sensory lounge and soft play areas exploring the area and the resources available. Each pupils works on tasks individually and as a group with some sharing happening between other classes. We are a busy class with lots of fun and excitement happening.