J11 is a Junior class of 3 girls and 4 boys who love play and lots of singing. We enjoy a range of activities such as art, cookery, attention autism, Singing Hands and we work hard on our individual targets. We love being able to get out at break and lunch into the playground and spending time in our sensory rooms. This term we are exploring our topic of ‘All About Me’ which has been a lot of fun and helped us to get to know our new friends in our class. We are all ready for a great year in J11!

S4 are very excited to be back in school after a fantastic summer. This term our topic is a World of Pure Imagination and we are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by our favourite author Roald Dahl. We have been working hard on our targets, Science, LLW, Literacy and Numeracy as well as having great fun on our local walks, PE lessons, Yoga and Youtube Karaoke. S4 have been enjoying our cookery and art lessons this term exploring new tastes and textures and using our imaginations!

S3 have made a fantastic start to the new school year and are all very excited to be back in school after a great summer. In S3 we follow a multi-sensory curriculum which allows our pupils to develop experiences, understanding, skills and concepts. Each week our pupils engage and explore the curriculum through lessons such as Tac Pac, fun with drums, attention autism and sensology, alongside visiting the sensory lights room with our friends.

This term we are exploring and learning through our topic “all about me” during which we have enjoyed creating artistic displays and discovering more information about our class mates. We have also been enjoying our cookery lessons and visits to the vineyard café.

S3 have quickly settled back into our class routines and we are all very excited about enjoying the year ahead together.

J7 have returned from the summer full of enthusiasm. We are a class of 7 boys who all just love getting outdoors and making the most of the recent great weather. Our first topic was Getting to Know You and we have all enjoyed spending time getting to know each other over the past few weeks. We love active learning especially through movement and lots of messy play! We have made great progress with our new school routines and are excited for what the year ahead might bring.

S5 have returned from the Summer very settled and are enjoying all the responsibility that being in senior school brings. This term the pupils are enjoying Sensory Science, Asdan, PSHE (anxieties and emotions), PE (Kurling& Boccia) and practical literacy and numeracy. Our topic in cookery is ‘food I can prepare myself’. Last week we harvested the apples from the school apple trees and juiced them for break. We dried out some of the apple seeds and planted them where they will be transferred to the polytunnel in a couple of weeks for growing.

J3 have made a great start to the new school year and we have all enjoyed getting to know our two new pupils. Throughout the year all our pupils will engage with and explore the curriculum through lessons such as Tac Pac, sensology, attention autism and visits to the sensory lights room and softplay areas.

This term we are currently learning through our topic area “all about me” during which our pupils have created their own portraits out of paper plates and art materials. J3 have also enjoyed class trips to the abbey centre and the vineyard café and we hope to explore many more places as the term progresses.

J3 have quickly settled back into our school routines after a fantastic summer and we are all looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

This year T2 is comprised of of 11 lively and eager to work young people. Our class focus is to prepare the students for life after school. The T2 programme is a very practical one with an emphasis on developing independence, social, coping and life skills. Throughout the year we will be working on developing the young people’s independent travel, money and shopping skills and helping them manage their own bank accounts. We do this through a mixture of activities including using local facilities, healthy eating cookery, and grocery shopping. This year we are working on modules from OCN which will involve health and fitness, mental health and wellbeing, healthy eating and shopping. The young people take part in work experience every Thursday based in school where they work together to develop their time management and personal relationships with their peers. We are joining Rostulla for shared education this year which the young people are very excited about. We are looking forward to a fun filled year.

As we say in T2 Work hard, Play hard.

J15 have had a very busy and fun start to the new school year. Our first day back was filled with birthday fun for two pupils who had celebrated their birthdays in the week leading up to school beginning – we all thoroughly enjoyed catching up with our friends over birthday cake and music!

Our topic is ‘All about Me’ and we have been taking part in a variety of activities to learn more about our classmates. We particularly enjoyed our first circle time with S1 where we shared our pictures of our families and friends. We also loved making ‘Pancake Faces’ during cookery.

We have been hard at work with our literacy and numeracy skills and have been enjoying our practical activities to further develop our skills in this area. We have also enjoyed taking part in PE, Assemblies, Art and choir. Two of our favourite activities so far has been our weekly pony-riding sessions and our special treat our first Friday back visiting Mossley Mill for our break!

We can’t wait to see what is going to happen in the next few weeks!

Welcome to J5! We are a class of 6 boys who are full of energy! We love our new classroom and have so many new things to explore and learn this year. We enjoy learning in fun and messy ways so we access our curriculum with a multisensory approach. TacPac, Attention Autism, Drumming and Sensory stories are just some of the fun ways we like to learn. We love to play too and are very busy this month getting to know one another and building some lovely new friendships!

J12 follow a very sensory curriculum aimed at stimulating the senses and encouraging our pupils to use their senses to explore the world around them. We do activities such as Tacpac, Body Awareness, sensory stories, foot spas, music and sensory art. We link all these activities to our topics and also explore each season in a sensory way. We enjoy weekly Reflexology sessions and have a lot of input from our therapy department. Some of our pupils will have blocks of Hydrotherapy and Rebound Therapy and all will take part in Sensology sessions where each of the senses will be awakened individually using resources linked to our topics. The children will also work at individual tasks and some will link with other classes for numeracy and literacy lessons. It is a very busy but happy little class.