Schools like Hill Croft really do benefit from having a Parent Teachers Association (PTA) as they provide the "little extras" that would not be available to them from the Education Board. Over the years Hill Croft PTA have provided funding for Aromatherapy classes, outings, School Mini Bus, iPads, Music workshops, Woodhall Residentials, Duke of Edinburgh and many more. Our PTA is made up of parents and teacher representatives who work together to benefit the school.

Although fundraising is essential to the PTA to enable us to assist the school in the many ways we do we also embark on issues which affect our children’s lives- such as the lack of availability of summer activities for our children and young people. As like any group we need new members, you don't need any qualifications to join you just need some spare time, lots of enthusiasm and be a parent or family member of a child attending Hill Croft School.