Pupils enrolled at Hill Croft School are eligible to attend the Special School Summer Scheme. It usually runs for 2 weeks at the end of July.

  • Week one – Juniors (4-11)
  • Week two – seniors (11-18)

The Staff and Pupils of Hill Croft Summer Scheme enjoy a fun-filled programme of activities during the junior and senior weeks such as Attention Autism, sensory play and Tac Pac. We also bring in people to provide different activities like Music therapy, Fun with Drums and reflexology.

Every year we have a different theme on which we base our arts and crafts, Sports and school based activates.

We have individual outings that suit the needs and abilities of the children and young people. These include soft play areas, farms, cafes and restaurants, parks, bowling, trips on public transport, beach and Country Parks.

To end the week, we have an end of scheme party. This is a chance for all pupils and staff to get together and have a great day of fun and laughter.

As the number of pupils in school is increasing, so is the Summer Scheme. This year we had a total of 97 pupils attending the Scheme over Junior and Senior. This year’s theme was ‘We Are Stars’ both junior and senior completed arts and crafts based on this. Our seniors took it one step further and held a Hill Crofts Got Talent show. Everyone took part by dancing or singing and we even had our own personal ‘Simon Cowell’. Both weeks seen Johnny from Company Sports, Billy McCullough (reflexologist) and the youth Service ICT team in to provide the young people with a variety of different programmes. Belfast Play bus was in for junior week and senior week had Selina for some music therapy and Andy from Fun with Drums. Our outings this year included, bowling in Dundonald, Carnfunnock Country Park, The Rinkha, Browns Bay beach, Ludo Time Soft Play in Carrickfergus, Streamvale Farm, Kilcreggan Urban Farm, Ikea, Bowling at the Sportsbowl in Glengormley, Loco & Bangor. Some groups got the train to Belfast and went out for lunch or had a picnic in Botanic Park. Others got the public bus into Glengormley to go bowling and have lunch. We also walked to the shop for treats, the café for break and even fed the ducks. Both Friday afternoons the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) provided us with a fantastic BBQ. The spread was amazing and it was enjoyed by everyone. The typical Northern Ireland weather never dampens our spirits, come rain or shine Summer Scheme is loads of fun with pupils and staff always smiling!!!