Pupils from P1 who attended Hill Croft School during the previous school year up to Transition pupils who will be back in September are eligible to attend the Summer Scheme provided by EA.

It usually runs across 2 weeks at the end of July or into early August. While the younger pupils are mostly attending the first week and the older pupils are mostly attending the second week this is not strictly ‘Junior’ and ‘Senior’ as we aim to get the best balance of pupil numbers to staff to meet their needs. It would be a good idea to check if dates are available before booking any holidays!

Summer Scheme is a really important time for our families. Many of our pupils struggle to attend other activities over the longer summer weeks at home and miss the routine and social aspects of school, maybe living a distance from their friends. It is a much needed week to see everyone again and provide much needed respite for families at home.

The majority of staff on the scheme are Hill Croft school staff who know the pupils well. The Leader in Charge organises the range of external visitors to the scheme which could include Fun with Drums, Jump Jiggle and Jive or meeting exotic animals. Group Leaders organise their daily programme which includes a mix of school based indoor and outdoor activities as well as an outing to somewhere fun. Groups in recent years have gone to Belfast Zoo, Glengormley Movie House, farms, and lots and lots of cafés and parks.

We like to end the week on a high with a suitable ‘party’ style day which usually includes a visitor in the morning, treat lunch like a BBQ or chippy, and the odd water fight. Whatever happens, you can be sure everyone is able to have a great day full fun and laughter with their friends.