Our pupils’ health and safety is our paramount concern and staff are vigilant to ensure pupils are free from any form of abuse – it is important that all staff read our child protection policy to know the signs and symptoms of possible forms of neglect, sexual, physical or emotional abuse.

Pastoral Care Co-ordinator – Mr Eamon Doherty

The Safeguarding Team:

  • Designated Teacher for Child Protection – Mr. Doherty
  • Deputy Designated Teachers for Child Protection – Mrs McFeeters, Mr Miskelly and Mrs Cromie
  • Governor Representatives for Safeguarding – Mr. Hendren and Dr. Preston (Chair)

What you must do if you have a concern:

  • See the Designated Teacher or in his absence the Deputy Designated Teachers for Child Protection immediately. Give all details of your concern, or the disclosure that has been made to you;
  • If on an outing report as soon as you return to school;
  • If you are a bus escort report to D.T/D.D.T on arrival to school;

Never feel that you will be accused of being an ‘alarmist’ - it could turn out to be absolutely nothing. However, early intervention may prevent the issue escalating.

As stated in the Children’s’ Order…the Child’s needs are paramount. A full copy of this policy can be obtained on request from the school.