The Eco club is a fun hands on approach to learning about environmental issues and the impact they have on us locally and globally. The club is pupil led with committee members deciding on the topics and projects that they are interested in. The club works towards achieving a green flag by actions such as recycling and carrying out energy audits. They also look at the local biodiversity and ways to reduce the use of plastic. The members are made up of pupils from upper junior school though to transition giving older pupils the opportunity to mentor their younger peers. We made great progress towards achieving our green flag last year and look forward to the upcoming projects in the year ahead.

Congratulations to our Eco team at Hill Croft for all the hard work you have put into achieving our Green Flag status. The internationally recognised Green Flag is this highest award given to Eco-Schools and symbolises excellence in the field of environmental activity.

Hill Croft have developed an Eco code within the school which we endeavour to follow each day. Recycling is our strongest eco area within school life. We recycle plastic bottles, food waste, paper, cardboard, batteries, aluminium cans and clothes as well as reusing junk materials in our play and art activities. Hill Croft pupils and staff have also been sourcing ways in which we can reduce our energy usage in the school. We have introduced ‘Power down’ initiatives and we are starting to see some improvement with our energy footprint.

We look forward to engaging in future initiatives within the school. Watch this space.

Last term we were looking at recycling around school and what it means to recycle. We gathered information to see how classes were disposing of their waste. Our Eco-schools team provided recycling bins to those classes who required them and we heightened awareness of the need to cut down on items we use, during Waste Week.

The team also made birds’ nests and feeders from recycled materials. We then hung them up outside our classroom so we can observe the birds around school.

Classes coloured in reduce, reuse, recycle sheets, used ‘pretend candles’ to make pictures representing something related to earth hour –a lightbulb and a house. Some made trees from recycled paper and took their PE lessons outside! We hope you joined in with Earth Hour at home!

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