S3 is a post primary aged class of pupils with complex needs and is part of the Sensory Department. We follow a sensory based curriculum which focuses on communication, social interaction, sensory development and physical skills. We use a creative approach to the curriculum through activities such as Drumming Circle, Process Art, Mini Me Yoga, Tac Pac, Sensory Stories and Holistic Music. The Intensive Interaction approach underpins all of our work in S3 while our thematic units allow for a teenage experience for our pupils. Our first theme this year is ‘Life is Magic’. We enjoy going out for break to cafes in our local area and this year we are starting the ASDAN accreditation unit ‘Myself and Others’. This year we have started two new programs; The Hanging Out Program and Story Massage. We look forward to seeing how these further develop the pupils’ potential and the relationships we can build.