Sensory 3 is a class of 6 brilliant boys. The teacher is Megan and the Learning Support Assistants are Heather, Leanne and Kerry. In our class we are working to develop our understanding of the world around us, our communication skills, our physical skills and our life skills like eating, drinking and helping to get dressed. We access the curriculum through our sensory activities, 1:1 work and play. We love to engage with and regulate through activities such as TacPac, Body Awareness, Sensology, Attention Autism and sensory stories.

We work closely with other agencies such as speech and language, OT and physiotherapy in order to ensure our provision is the best it can be.

Sensory 3 have settled in to our brand new classroom really well and have enjoyed being back together again. We loved exploring our topic All About Me in September. We explored our faces using mirrors to see, we learned about our body through song, chose our favourite things and worked on recognising and matching pictures of our family. We are enjoying the Autumn topic at present and look forward to our special Halloween activities!