J4 have worked hard over the last half term making new friends and getting to know new staff. The boys and girls have worked very hard on our topic ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ and our seasonal work as well. After 2 short months budding friendships are blossoming and we are already making great progress with our communication and play skills. Well done J4!

J4 is a foundation stage class in the Sensory Department. There are 4 girls and 2 boys in our class. The teacher is Ríanna and the LSA’s are Laura and Elaine. In our class, we are developing our communication, motor skills and accessing the curriculum through play and sensory based learning. We work closely with the speech therapists, physiotherapy team and OT to help us learn.

We use programmes such as Sensology, TacPac, Attention Autism, Hand Gym and Body Awareness to help us develop our sensory motor skills and attention and engagement. J4 love sensory stories especially stories that have lots of different sounds and instruments for us to explore. We really enjoy learning outside of the classroom in hydro, the lights room, sensory garden and playground, assembly and our outings.