S2 have been enjoying their Food around the World Topic which they are doing up till Easter. So far we have covered Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy and China. It has been lots of fun trying different foods!

S2 is the second class in the senior school, with pupils from Year 8 to Year 10. In S2 we focus on practical skills, including practical literacy and numeracy. We also focus on learning to do things for ourselves. This includes class jobs like making our own break, washing dishes and doing our class jobs. We follow the ASDAN Transition Challenge scheme which allows us to achieve a certificate for all our hard work through the year. We also enjoy going on class trips to practice our money skills. This year we are reading JK Rowling’s series Harry Potter. We have already started with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s. We are joining with S1 this year for PE and are already enjoying Kurling.