Welcome to J6. We are a brilliant class of Primary 6 and 7 pupils with 6 boys and 2 girls. Our teacher is Katie and our LSAs are Paula, Heather and Nikki. We follow a structured timetable and focus on activity-based learning. We follow the Northern Ireland Curriculum and take a topic-based approach to our learning. This year we have lots of fun and exciting topics to explore. In term one we will even get to go pony riding! We have been focusing on building positive relationships and being kind to everyone in our classroom. In class, we enjoy a variety of activities such as Primary Movement, Attention Autism, soft play, cookery and music to name a few. We are always developing our independence in J6 and have been working on signing our break orders and setting up for dinner every day. This year, we will be focusing particularly on developing our learning, communication and social interaction skills. Make sure to visit our page to stay updated on our class!! Come back soon