J16 have enjoyed looking at ‘Autumn’ and have started to learn about ‘People who help us’ in class.

We have enjoyed a variety of class activities such as using the climbing frames during PE sessions and exploring the sensory garden area.

Our highlights this month were an outing to Ludo, exploring activities relating to the eco bus and our open morning with parents.

J16 is a key stage 2 class made up of Primary 6/7 pupils. On a weekly basis, we cover and adapt all areas of the NI Curriculum to suit our needs.

The class benefits from a structured timetable with a focus on activity- based learning and sensory activities. We prioritise the development of communication and social skills as well as emphasising and building on independence skills.

We work closely with outside agencies and use a range of strategies to develop communication and promote positive behaviour such as Makaton, PECS and Team Teach.

In class, we enjoy a range of activities such as music e.g. drumming circle and holistic music, art and cookery, ICT and Attention Autism.

Outside class, we make great use of the junior playground, soft play and sensory areas as well as the hall for physical education.

Our class enjoy learning and having fun on educational outings. We develop our communication and social interaction skills when eating our breaks in a variety of cafes. Fitness levels and gross motor skills are further enhanced when walking and engaging on play equipment in local parks.