The boys in J9 are enjoying our new topic all about the circus. They are enjoying all the new activities with the circus theme, they really enjoy our sensory story especially when the clown throws a custard pie SPLAT!!! They have also enjoyed creating circus art and trying new items in sensory play.

J9 consists of seven lively, fun loving boys who like to learn using their senses. We approach the curriculum in a sensory way which allows us to make lots of mess and have lots of fun!!!

We learn through activities such as Attention Autism, TAC PAC, Discovery Time, Movement, Sensory Stories and Play.

We have a lot of energy so we need lots of opportunity for movement and our new classroom with outside space allows us to do this frequently during the day.

There is never a dull or quiet moment in our class, we like to keep busy which keeps our staff busy too!!

Our topic at the minute is Getting to know you and we have had lots of fun getting to know all our friends in the classroom. We have been learning what we all look like and getting used to the names of our body parts and what we can do with them, so if you come to visit J9 we can all give you a wave with our hands!!!