J9 have really enjoyed our topic Frozen Planet. We looked at what we wear when it is cold and talked about the season winter also. In Frozen Planet we learnt the Makaton signs for Penguin, Polar Bear and Walrus. J9 really enjoyed the sensory story ‘We’re going on a Polar Bear Hunt’ and especially reacted to putting their feet into icy cold water. Our art circled around the life in the artic with igloos, penguins, walruses and polar bears. We even got to play in the snow a few days which fitted beautifully with the topic and seemed like it was almost planned!

J9 have enjoyed the topic of toys. The toys we focused ón were teddy bears, balls and cars. We even had a teddy bear picnic with our favourite teddy bears from home.

J9 are a mixed class of boys and girls who enjoy exploring the curriculum together using our senses. We have four members of staff with us during the school day.

Every morning we take part in sensory activities to start our day. This includes Sensory Circuits which stimulate our sensory system whilst helping develop our muscle tone and balance. We enjoy messy play including pasta, rice, foam and of course water. As part of our sensory diet we make full use of the outside play area and our sensory rooms i.e. lights room, sensory lounge and soft play area.

Our weekly class timetable includes activities like Art, Tac Pac, Movement, Sensory Stories, Cookery and Attention Autism. A highlight of our day is circle time when we learn about the world around us and each other.

All in J9 are looking forward to a year packed with fun and learning.