J3 have worked very hard this month on their target work and we’re doing really well at our fine motor tasks with the play dough. We had lots of fun playing out in the snow and we enjoyed drinking some delicious hot chocolates afterwards to warm ourselves up.

J3 have had a busy start to the year and our favourite activity in school is cookery. The boys and girls all enjoyed making mini pizzas especially sprinkling on the cheese. Getting to eat the pizzas was even better though and some of the children took seconds! We are really enjoying sensory play and we are getting even better at sharing the sensory trays to play alongside our friends.

J3 is a foundation stage class with six boys and girls. In our class we are working hard on our motor skills and communication. We use a lot of music, singing and sensory activities to help us meet our targets. We love our Attention Autism and Makaton games during group work and we try really hard with new signs. We also like Tac Pac, reflexology and going to the sensory rooms for some relaxation time. We’re a very busy class but we make sure to have lots of fun during the day too!