This year T2 is comprised of of 11 lively and eager to work young people. Our class focus is to prepare the students for life after school. The T2 programme is a very practical one with an emphasis on developing independence, social, coping and life skills. Throughout the year we will be working on developing the young people’s independent travel, money and shopping skills and helping them manage their own bank accounts. We do this through a mixture of activities including using local facilities, healthy eating cookery, and grocery shopping. This year we are working on modules from OCN which will involve health and fitness, mental health and wellbeing, healthy eating and shopping. The young people take part in work experience every Thursday based in school where they work together to develop their time management and personal relationships with their peers. We are joining Rostulla for shared education this year which the young people are very excited about. We are looking forward to a fun filled year.

As we say in T2 Work hard, Play hard.

J2 is made up of pupils who are a mixed class of Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils within the Foundation Stage. We enjoy a play based approach to learning throughout our school day in all areas of the NI Curriculum which is adjusted to suit our needs. We focus on developing social and communication skills such as listening, following instructions, making requests and waiting our turn, and forming good habits to promote future learning and development. Within school we love to make use of the different environments including the outdoor areas where we can explore with natural materials and use the play equipment, the sensory and lights rooms, and soft play where we can develop our balance and gross motor ability while getting rid of extra energy. We are able to take part in educational outings within the local area to put our new skills into use outside school. We use a range of strategies and programmes such as Makaton signing, PECS and visual strategies to promote communication, promoting positive behaviour and Team Teach. Most of all we like to have fun with our friends and staff, developing positive relationships in the safety of our classroom.