J14 have been very busy this month. We have been really enjoying our pony-riding sessions and we have all been making great progress in this area. We have also really enjoyed our sessions with Uplift dancing and singing and acting.

J14 took part in a number of different activities during our health and well-being week including watching Newsround to find out what was happening in the world around us, playing games and having break with S1 to connect with other, pony-riding for our exercise alongside PE, and giving to our friends with a wee surprise treat.

We have also been busy making lots of different things in cookery. We made different types of soup and tasted them to find out which one we preferred. We also made some chocolate Lego men and Lego bricks and we made a very cool Igloo House cake in cookery.

We have loved our topic of Lego and have enjoyed making Mr Learnie and completing other Lego challenges. As part of our film club we have been watching the Lego Movie with S1 each week and we are really excited to see what happens at the end!

We have also enjoyed some outings to get our break and have been practising using money and answering the phone to further develop our life skills. It has been a busy month!

J14 have had a busy and fun start to the term. Our topic has been ‘All About Me’ and we have been learning more about ourselves and about our classmates. We have been working hard on our literacy and numeracy skills as well as taking part in lots of other activities throughout the week.

We have really enjoyed meeting together with S1 for PE on a Tuesday afternoon and again on a Friday morning for circle time. We have enjoyed playing some parachute games, and we created our very own J14 and S1 name web.

In art we have been creating our Monster Glyphs and doing artistic impressions of ourselves using clay and collage materials. For cookery, we have been busy making top hats and pizza faces.

We have really enjoyed our bus outings so far, we have been developing our social skills and life skills going out for break in cafes and doing out cookery shopping in Tescos. We also managed a visit to a local park – it’s been great fun!

J14 is made up of pupils within the Key Stage 2 age group. We are the final class within Junior school and therefore we have a focus on the transition between Junior school and Senior school. We enjoy a wide range of activities throughout the week from a structured, yet fun approach to literacy and numeracy, to a very practical and hands-on approach to many other subject areas including cookery, PE, science, and Art. We have a focus on the development of social skills, communication and listening skills and our self-help skills to help prepare us better for our future years within Hill Croft and beyond. We also really enjoy some group activities joining up with other classes for circle time, choir and other activities throughout the week. We also fully utilise different areas within school such as soft play areas, sensory areas and the playtrail and are always enthusiastic about developing our life skills and learning more about the world around us on class outings. We use a range of strategies within our classroom to help support communication and positive behaviour including Makaton, PECS, visual strategies, Team Teach, alongside our class contract and reward system. Our aim this year is to continue to develop in all areas of life and the curriculum, through academic, social, practical and creative learning.