J13 loved exploring technology at the science fair in the waterfront with J14. We also learnt about the world’s ugliest animals as well as watching science experiments.

J13 have been very busy recently! We celebrated two birthdays, celebrated Chinese New Year and been on two trips. We went bowling and we also went to the Play Zone at the valley and had so much fun! It was Literacy week in school so we have a very special visitor called Helen come to our class and ready two stories; The Lion who wanted to Love and an Itch to Scratch. Our pupils enjoyed Helen doing all the different voices for the different characters.

J13 have been looking at Winter and Outer Space this term – sun, moon and stars, earth and planets in our solar system as well as astronauts and rockets. We particularly had fun carrying out Winter activities and playing in our space station as well as engaging with/manipulating meteorite playdough and moon sand. We’ve been working on keeping active and looking after ourselves. Activities we have enjoyed are swimming lessons in the Valley and Uplift singing/dancing lessons. J13 also loved going to see Hansel and Gretel in the MAC with the rest of senior school.

J13 have had great fun learning about ponies and how to ride them. Some firemen came to visit the school and we had enormous fun dressing up in their gear.

We also said, ‘Goodbye’ to Selina and wished her all the best as she has her baby. In her place, we welcomed Nicole to J13.

In J13, we have three girls and five boys. This year we welcomed three new pupils to the school in our class. Everyone has settled in well. We have been getting to know each other as well as learning our new routine. J13 have already celebrated three birthdays this month and look forward to more parties as the year progresses.