J12 have been visiting the circus for our latest topic! We’ve enjoyed a sensory story where we pretend to be clowns splatting custard pies, elephants squirting water and play the circus theme using a switch. Our circus Tacpac set includes clown wigs and silky material to represent the Big Top. In art we’ve made elephants and lions using clay and decorated clown faces. We’ve also played parachute games in PE and had fun with popcorn. A fun topic for gloomy January!

J12 follow a very sensory curriculum aimed at stimulating the senses and encouraging our pupils to use their senses to explore the world around them. We do activities such as Tacpac, Body Awareness, sensory stories, foot spas, music and sensory art. We link all these activities to our topics and also explore each season in a sensory way. We enjoy weekly Reflexology sessions and have a lot of input from our therapy department. Some of our pupils will have blocks of Hydrotherapy and Rebound Therapy and all will take part in Sensology sessions where each of the senses will be awakened individually using resources linked to our topics. The children will also work at individual tasks and some will link with other classes for numeracy and literacy lessons. It is a very busy but happy little class.