F2 is a foundation stage class made up with a mix of Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils. We create a nurturing and home-like environment, to most importantly build strong and positive relationships and allow opportunities for the children to flourish in their learning and development. We are a busy and active bunch! We love outdoor play activities and make use of the outdoors as much as possible through playground activities and walks in our local community. We enjoy a play based approach to learning throughout our school day in all areas of the NI Curriculum which is adjusted to suit our needs. Our focus is to develop social and communication skills such as listening, following instructions, making requests and waiting our turn, and forming good habits to promote future learning and development. We use a range of strategies and programmes such as Makaton signing, PECS and visual strategies to promote communication. Here in F2 we love music and singing, as well as Attention Autism and sensory play. Every day we grow and learn together in enjoying daily life in F2 and have fun in helping the children reach their full potential.