Hello and welcome to F1. We are a foundation stage class made up of eight P1/ P2 pupils – 7 girls and 1 boy. We have super fun learning through play which helps us meet all areas of the NI Curriculum and in a style adjusted to meet our individual needs. We focus on developing our social and communication skills such as listening, making requests, and waiting our turn – which can be difficult at times for us all. We enjoy exploring our school grounds and the local environment during our daily activities which helps us engage with the natural materials in the world around us. Our favourite activities are in our foundation playground when we can develop our balance and gross motor skills while burning off some access energy and the Lights room where we can chill and recharge. We use a range of strategies and programmes- such as Makaton signing, PECS and visual strategies to promote communication, promoting positive behaviour and help us engage with a daily routine. Our favourite activities are Attention Builders, Music and Movement, Senseology, Tac Pac and outdoor play but the best part of F1 is having fun with all our friends.